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About Aly 


When not performing, Aly enjoys practicing mindfulness, song-writing, poetry, and playing guitar and piano. 

Aly Olvera is an Atlanta-based singer, dancer, and actress.

 She is represented by East Coast Talent Agency and graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre. 

Equally trained in dance, voice, and acting, Aly is known for being tenacious, hard-working, and passionate.  She brings an in-depth cultural and psychological aspect to her characters, since Aly herself comes from two different ethnic backgrounds. 

Aly is bubbly, positive, and loves to laugh. You'll find her listening to Selena (and getting emotional), Paramore, or true crime documentaries.


She loves acting because it helps you  find "The Way in" to the heart of each complicated character/person. (Thank you to her coach Kathleen Hogan for sparking the UTA Hagen technique and passion)

Whether on screen or on stage, Aly vibrantly brings complex characters to life. 

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